I bought a € 6.000,- class A amp from EAM Lab, but it has 2 major problems

1. There's is a loud hum from the amplifier, you simply cannot listen to it...

2. The input selector doesn't work. It changes to a random input...

I made a videorecording of the problems and informed EAM Lab.

Apart form these 2 major problems it also took EAM LAB 3 months to deliver the faulty amplifier.

So, how did EAM Lab respond and what did they do about it?

At first they seemed helpful. They told me they would send me an other one and pick up the bad one. This took months and months and months. Every e-mail I sent took 3 more e-mails to get an answer. They were always busy moving to another place or their website had problems or their e-mail had crashed or whatever...

So after now almost one year I have asked them to give me back my money and collect their faulty amp. I have not used it more than an hour, just to find out that it was a defectuous product.

EAM Lab responds no more to my last e-mail, does not refund my purchase and does not collect their amp.

So I thought I had to share this with the world. Don't buy EAM Lab !

EAM Lab = NOT a company to trust